• Solemn Seashore7:50
  • A Place Of Calm7:45
  • Lullaby Of The Lark5:50

**Although Hot Stones and Hot Towels are used in every massage we DO NOT offer Hot Stones Massage. This is NOT a service that is currently offered and has never been advertised as such.  Should we ever offer this service it will be a separate service.

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At Body N Soul Massage, my primary focus is on you, the client.  I want to help you achieve the relief and relaxation that you want and need.   I take the time before each massage to talk to you to find out what problems you may be having to fine-tune your massage to your specific needs.  It is my hope and ambition to help you relax and unwind as well as loosen those tight muscles and soothe away those aches and pains.

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stressed out? Headaches? Muscles hurt? 

Whether you need a deep tissue massage or just to relax, schedule your massage today and find relief.

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Reducing your stress with  Massage Therapy ​

Massage can help relax tight and painful muscles, improve range of motion in the joints, enhance circulation and lower stress levels. Stress is considered a risk factor for many chronic diseases, and can make your symptoms worse. Since there are many different massage therapies available, it may require some trial and error to find the right therapist and massage technique to reduce your stress level.

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As a small Thank You to our military and first responders, all active-duty military veterans, and first responders receive a 40% discount.

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