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You can reach me by emailing  ​

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I am located  

925 Wappoo Road

Suite F

​Inside Lime & Lotus

Charleston, SC 29407

My name is Miriam Bumgarner and I am a graduate of Southeastern Institute.  I grew up here in Charleston in the West Ashley area.  At the age of 10, I started doing massage when friends and family would sit in from of me and say "Miriam. Fix it."  It was an incredible feeling to know that I helped them.  I take that feeling into my work every day.

I have over 6 years experience as a licensed massage therapist. I have achieved Reiki Master as well as being certified in Reflexology. I have always had a great love for helping people. For me, there is no greater achievement than to have a client leave relaxed and refreshed.  Whether you need to relax, balance your energy, or prenatal massage care; if you suffer from migraines or chronic pain, or have an injury, I am here to help you.

Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Thursday 10:00 - 7:30

​Friday - Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

*by appointment only